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Lithium-Ion Power Tools

Our expertise in Lithium-Ion cordless power tools consistently delivers high performance and outstanding features at an exceptional value.

About Us

SunZi Products Inc. is a global organization focused on delivering high quality products in several key categories. We have been providing best-in-class value and innovation for both retailers and OEM customers since 2009.

In North America, we have our global headquarters, whichincludes; Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Product Development, Warehousing and Logistics. Additionally, we have officesinternationally to be able to handle any of your productdevelopment, sourcing and shipment consolidation needs.

Product category Expertise

Hand tools

Metal forming tools& equipment

Power tools

LED work lights Paint/powder tools& equipment


LED work lights

Shop equipment

Garden hand tools

Auto specialty tools

garden hose reels

OEM Business Model

Sunzi Products Inc. has a comprehensive OEM business model and process focused on product development, innovation and execution of new products focused on :

OEM partnerships

Private label branded products

Business opportunities Including

Product and component sourcing

Shipment consolidation

Product Development

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