NT-7728 Ultimate LED Grill Light 210 Lumens Cree LED with Magnetic Base
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NT-7728 Ultimate LED Grill Light 210 Lumens Cree LED with Magnetic Base

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  • [Warm Natural Light] Warm 3,200k natural lighting. The Ultimate Grill Light makes food look as good on the grill as it does on your plate. Unlike most all other grill lights that are using a bright white light, which prevent you from identifying the true color of your food. In addition, our Creed LED ensures the best quality in the marketplace.
  • [Heat and Water Resistant] Our heavy duty steel frame ensures maximum durability and heat resistance up to 230 Fahrenheit. The Ultimate Grill Light is a compact sealed design which gives you IPX4 level water resistance, allowing you to use the light outdoors under all-weather conditions.
  • [Ultra-Strong Magnetic Base] Our expertly design Ultimate Grill Light, has a scratch resistant magnetic base measuring 2 1/4 inches, which gives you 2 times the strength of other grill lights in the category. This strong base ensures your Ultimate Grill Light can remain stable on any ferrous metallic surface.
  • [Infinitely Adjustable Brightness] By simply pressing on the on/off button, you can switch between 210 lumen (highest in category) and 60 lumen. You can also vary the brightness by anything in between by holding down the on/off button . The Ultimate Grill Light is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included), the battery life ranges from 6-10 hours depending on the brightness level.
  • [Multipurpose 24” Flexible Neck] The Ultimate Grill Light can not only be used as a grill light with its incredibly long neck, but it can also be used on a work bench, under the hood of the car, sewing lighting, reading light, and many other indoor or outdoor applications.

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