Under Hood Under Car Light

NextLED Under Car Work Light with Flood Light, UV Light, and Flexible Detail Light all in one. This is a very different LED under car work light. This light is powerful, has a flat design for convenience, and is oil and spill resistant. The floodlight for working under your car is 500 lumens. The detail light for hard-to-reach places is 200 lumens. It also has a built-in UV light for detecting leaks anywhere on your car. This powerful LED light has a very long run time of 6 hours and is extremely bright.

The Under Hood LED Work Light from NextLED is affordable and versatile. It can handle many more duties than working as an underhood work light. This light is foldable and collapsible, it will fit in tight storage areas. It has two detachable lights that you can use independently from the frame, so you get two free work lights in one.

The versatile LED lights are battery-powered and cordless. The frame stands on its own. The light is high luminosity so you can use it as portable job site light as well.

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